A Timeless Getaway

Live out your dream by staying in historically significant accommodation built in the 1870s. Seal Rocks Lighthouse Cottages are located in the fishing and surf village of Seal Rocks NSW and within the Myall Lakes National Park on Worimi land.

Take time to explore the surrounds of the Myall Lakes and Wallingat National Parks, Wallis and Smiths Lakes, beaches, rivers and rock pools.

Steeped in History

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse also known as Seal Rocks Lighthouse is an active light tower that has been operating since December 1875. It was built to stand guard over the rugged and pointy Seal Rocks and Sawtooth Rocks as these were unsuitable to build a lighthouse on. The elegant light tower is one of only two light towers in Australia with an external stairway, and has been automated by electricity since 1987. The prominent white Head Keeper’s Cottage and the two semidetached Assistant Keepers’ Cottages were designed by colonial architect James Barnet, who designed major building projects such as the Sydney General Post Office, NSW Museum and Callan Park Lunatic Asylum.

Beaches & Walks

Lighthouse Beach

The white, fine sanded Lighthouse Beach is just a short walk down a stepped path from the Seal Rocks Lighthouse Cottages and is a high energy beach. The beach faces directly into the southerly waves, and this is evident from the cottages where you will hear the strength and rhythm of its waves pounding directly on the shore.

A highlight is to take an evening walk along this 2km beach while the sun is setting, passing a large sandy foreshore that slopes prominently into National Park bush land. At the end of the beach towards Treachery Heads you will be able to see the coastal rainforest. A 4WD is permitted to drive on Lighthouse Beach with entry between Seal Rocks and Treachery Heads on Yagon Road.

Boat Beach

Protected from the southerlies is the scenic Boat Beach, which is a pleasant 15 minute walk from Sugarloaf Point, passing two large gorges with natural arches rising up to 40m in height. The walk then continues through the National Park on the shaded Lighthouse road that leads to and from the cottages. From the public car park at the end of Lighthouse Road, Boat Beach is just a short walk at the start of Kinka Road.

Treachery Headland

Treachery Headland walking track offers impressive views of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Sawtooth Rocks and the coastline. It’s a short walk from the nearby Treachery Campground, taking you on a journey through the park’s coastal rainforest. You’ll pass a giant fig tree with intricate buttress roots before reaching the grassy headland where stunning views await.

A sidetrack off the main one will take you down to the white sands of the secluded Treachery Beach. It’s a great spot for fishing, surfing, and spotting dolphins and whales.

Nature at its Best

Sugarloaf Point is a much loved lighthouse precinct with its natural coastal landscape, rocky headlands, and national park bush setting.

Just a short walk away from the cottages is a grassy headland park area with stunning views out to the Sawtooth Rocks, Little Seal Island and as far as Broughton Island: the most southerly point of the Myall Lakes National Park.

Marine mammals are quite frequently spotted from the precinct with the coastline migration of humpback and southern right whales. Migaloo, the well-known white male humpback whale also passes by Sugarloaf Point during these winter months, while bottlenose dolphins frequently play in the wave zones of Lighthouse Beach.

The chances of seeing a seal laying on a rock is rather slim, but there is a good chance of seeing White-Bellied Sea-Eagles soaring on the updraft around the precinct in search for their prey. You could also be woken to the sounds of the Fairy-wren song bird and grass finches housed in the surrounding banksia bushes.


Our magnificent Myall Lakes National Park will embrace you with its natural landscapes and fascinating wildlife during your stay at Sugarloaf Point. Whether you enjoy capturing stunning sunsets through your camera’s viewfinder or the excitement of exploring our pristine lake on a leisurely cruise, there is something for everyone when staying at a Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage!

Photo Walks

For the camera enthusiast who would like to be accompanied to explore new places, or to pick up photography tips along the way, guided walks can be arranged. Please contact Julie on 02 4997 6590.

Your $50 service fee will be donated to FAWNA midcoast wildlife rescue.

Manning Valley Adventure Tours

Explore the vast open waterways of Myall Lake, one of NSW largest coastal lake systems with freshwater bays which abound in nature spotting opportunities.

The Bass Boat tour launches from the Neranie boat ramp, which is only a 15 minute drive from Seal Rocks. This 2 hour (minimum) tour can be experienced at speed, by cruising, or simply stopping to throw in a hook.

Contact Peter on 0437 686 697 for bookings, or for a combined lake, 4WD beach and bush driving experience in the Myall Lakes National Park.